Wednesday, May 25, 2011

:*:゜・☆@@sKATEboArd For sALE@@ :*:゜・☆

 “Kapten Mogade” have released a skateboard deck with the Swedish chopper legend Ribbenstedt. (he has build several Triumphs, knuckles and panheads the last 30 years).

:*:゜・☆@@ANoTHEr sAddLE @@ :*:゜・☆

Pedal life....again

TANGE CrMo Butted frame

one-o-five was tuned and the result are good!

The eccentric 52 chain ring .....was in 80's item.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

:*:゜・☆@@HoLIdAY ruN@@ :*:゜・☆

Route16...木更津409...丸山410...グリーンライン洲崎 Total250km

Friday, May 6, 2011

:*:゜・☆@@250 soHc@@ :*:゜・☆

Always,crazy about something to do........fixed motor,check ring,tune-up the ignition and more...really nice....great riding!!    また、違うモン熱くなってんな?・・・・って、すいません、エンジン開けたり、電器系換えたり車体調整したり、キャブAMALにしてみたり・・・・たのっしいい!トライアンフとは別モンの楽しさ^^

:*:゜・☆@@72 bAjA sr 100 For sALE@@ :*:゜・☆

With lighting is restored.....Another one is  a fully original include tires..