Saturday, October 3, 2009

゜・☆:VINTAgE cHoppEr sHoW "BORN FREE"*:゜・☆

Hello,America!we remember that good days.
masa,tapo and myself went to Born free chopper show @ Orange CA.

We could see C@@L 60's chopper,Bobber born stock.

I love this silver triumph and sent the best unit triumph award.

Mike Davis rides his new Cool Pre-unit Triumph
You can see onGreasy Kulure magazine.

There were some guest's bikes @ MOONEYES SHOW YOKOHAM

Chika and Toru came with big KAWASAKI .

These bikers came far from california ,


  1. Takada, thank you for coming to the show.You are always welcome here and please come next year with your bikes.

  2. Mike,I enjoyed the show and dinner very much.
    I am looking foward to your show next year.
    Let's go to run some where with us.
    Thank you,Takada

  3. great pix!!! i wish i could of made the show

  4. Nice pictures, that was a great show & a great day!

  5. Thanks to all of you guys for coming to the show and to the BBQ at our house! It was nice to meet all of you. I'll see you in Yokahama in december!

  6. We spent very Happy days!Thanks.....