Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is my new unit Triumph ...named 'Stomper' ....I have re-builted motor+trans....used some N.O.S oval race parts (famouse in japan)....example,TOTO pistons.

Good used chronometric speedo on it....N.O.S.Superior mufflers,Hellings handle bar and MCM fork cover are very neat .... I like to use these sixties items....I made twist sisy bar, round style hard-tail,'ELECTRIC' point cover and re-raced Front +Rear wheel.Front is 21"with '67 panel.... Also made flasher on axle end for legal in japan....gggggshhh!


  1. very cool. how are you? see you next year. nash

  2. Nash!!I'm fine,thank you....I am trying to race the 23inch wheel.