Monday, December 13, 2010

:*:゜・☆@@ so nIcE! HErE..cHIba arEa@@ :*:゜・☆

Check the TAPO'S  blog .Here' s many other pics.Happy birthday!TAPO...I know that today....

TAPO'S blogでもっと動画や写真がみれます。誕生日だったのね!?おめでと・・・

BIG FOOT was discoverd!!「BIG FOOT」発見!!

Sunaco came after his night shift.夜勤明けスナコー

Hey Ya! crazy HaMMA is hunting a GIRL....やべえっす!ハマシマのナンパはここまで・・・

I put six !!body warmer pad inside because it was very cold weather yesterday....めっちゃ寒くてカイロ張りまくり・・・

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